4th Bay Area Aging Meeting

March 23, 2012
Buck Institute, 8001 Redwood Blvd., Novato, CA 94945

8:30-9:00am Coffee
9:00 am–10: 00 a.m Cellular senescence links inflammation to age-related pathology. Dr. Judith Campisi
10:00am–10: 15am Discussion
10:15am–10: 30am Mid-morning Break
10:30am–10:45am Genome-wide interaction between FoxO3 and Ascl1 in adult neural system/progenitor cells. Dr. Ashley Webb
10:45am–11: 00am The Regulation of microglial phenotypes by age-related changes in the systemic environment. Dr. Kira Mosher
11:00am–11: 15am Stem cell DNA damage response and DNA repair: implications for aging. Dr. Mary Mohrin
11:15am–11:30am Inhibition of RNA lariat debranching enzyme suppresses TDP-43 toxicity in ALS disease models. Dr. Maria Armakola
11:30am–11:45am TOR and muscle differentiation. Dr. Pooja Aggarwal
11:45 m–12:00pm Microbial translocation, inflammation, and mortality in treated HIV infection. Dr. Peter Hunt
12:00pm–2:00pm Lunch/Poster Session
2:00pm–2:15pm Native rates of superoxide production from specific mitochondrial sites–a method using endogenous reporters. Dr. Casey Quinlan
2:15pm–2:30pm Metabolic and cardiovascular effects of rapamycin treatment in aged mice. Dr. James Flynn
2:30pm–2:45pm Mechanisms of female longevity in aging. Dr. Dena Dubai
2:45pm–3:00pm Pharmacogenomic investigation of fat and aging pathways. Dr. George Lemieux
3:15 pm–3:30pm Regulation of autophagy by the class III PI3K. Dr. Livia Wilz
3:15pm–3:30pm Afternoon Break
3:30pm–3:45pm Genetics of objectively measured sleep traits in the elderly/Sleep and health in older humans: new genetic insights. Dr. Dan Evans
3:45pm–4:00pm Tissue-Specific Translation State Array Analysis in Drosophila melanogaster. Dr. Patrick Li
4:00pm–4:15pm Statial sequestration of misfolded proteins during quality control. Dr. Stephanie Escus
4:15 pm–4:30pm Gene expression commons: absolute gene expression profiling platform for aging study. Dr. Jun Seita
4:30pm–4:45pm Targeted apoptosis of senescent and cancer cells by interference with FOXO4 Dr. Peter de Keizer
4:45pm–5:00pm Dr. Kathryn Page Dr. Peter de Keizer
5:00pm–6:00pm Beer and Wine Social